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SCAM - Newton4 - - admin - 05-24-2017

The time moves on, the technologies are developing, it allows to automate and to carry out more effectively all types of tasks which facing the person. The innovative program “Newton” integrates all the best that was brought to the world by information and technological progress of the last decade. "Newton" has an artificial intelligence due to which it is able to adapt and train by analyzing the activity of a user. After the end of synchronization process the program is starting to understand the objectives and automates it, opening up a lot of new possibilities.

For not losing a relevance of this technology and for meeting to all modern needs, it is necessary to continuously improve it . It requires enormous financial and physical resources. The marketing department of the “Newton LTD” company has developed an investment system thanks to which advertising expenses are cutting back to a minimum, and the attraction of new investments will happen without our participation. By attracting the third-party investors, team “Newton” is setting all conditions for freely improving the technology and taking the maximum benefit. Thanks to the unique affiliate program, each participant which invests funds to "Newton" and advertises the company, brings an advantage to its development and earns cash reward at the same time.
At the moment the technology of the "Newton" company has been already delivered to the medium and large organizations, at the same time our technology successfully performs its functions by improving a quality and speed of the working processes. In the second quarter of 2018 the company is going to release a version 2.0 of the program Newton, which will be able to be used by any individual customer for the personal purposes. All active participants of the affiliate program will be able to receive this version of the program for free and to start testing it one of the first.

Investment plans:
3.35% daily for 60 days, principal included
minimal deposit: 20$
min. withdrawal: 1$

Accepted e-wallets:
Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Payeer, Advcash

Type of withdrawals: instant

Referral system: one level - 7%
You can't receive referral commissions without active deposit.

Active investment:

[Image: 728_en.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link: 

RE: Newton4 - - admin - 05-31-2017

It is good to see that the admin is active and working on the site, the following things are new:

1) video presentation in the main menu
2) UK business certificate
3) daily lottery through telegram - for more info check the attachment please

RE: Newton4 - - admin - 06-10-2017

So many newsletters, too many actions, fast scam. Strange season.