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  Santa Fable - santa-fable.com
Posted by: biohazardd - 01-14-2019, 09:57 AM - Forum: Outside HYIPs - Replies (3)

Hello forum Members, Friends! Represent a high-interest project continuing the Christmas mood 
project start: 13.01.2019 
I am not the admin/Creator of the project. 
the topic is not a call for any action and is created for the purpose of familiarization. 

[Image: 468en.gif]


about the Project!

Quote:More than ten years ago in the Netherlands, our company began its activity as a small enterprise for the manufacture of handmade Christmas toys. In spite of the fact that toys were made a little, because of their high quality toys always had demand and were appreciated among consumers. A decade later, our company has become larger and has become a large-scale company, while not losing the quality of products. Its range is distributed throughout Europe and CIS countries.

Our Christmas decorations are not just in great demand and popularity, they are appreciated for the quality and unique appearance. Despite the fact that our company has become large and the basis of production are toys made on automated conveyors, we still, as before, adhere to the quality and uniqueness, and our toys have not lost these qualities. Moreover, in addition to industrial production, we make toys specifically for the order, using manual blowing, of all shapes and sizes. To do this, we employ professional glass blowers and talented artists who, at the request of the customer from a piece of glass and paints can create a masterpiece of Christmas decorations.

Christmas toys and decorations are not just beautiful products, it is a symbol of the most popular holiday in the world, which everyone loves to celebrate with the family. These are things that are designed to create a festive atmosphere and comfort, filling our hearts with warmth and kindness. Without them, the New Year would not have been so beloved and festive. These should be the new year's toys and that's what we always try to do them.

Today, the production of Christmas toys is undoubtedly a very promising activity and, despite the fact that the need for them appears only in the new year holidays, this business is still developing. Accordingly, investment also has its place in this area, because there are great prospects for this.

Marketing Project!

within 3 days 
$ 10 - $ 300
accruing each day, the body at the end

within 5 days 
$25 - $ 1500
accruing each day, the body at maturity 

within 7 days 
$ 30- $ 5500
accruing each day, the body at the end

within 10 days 
$ 40 - $7000
accruing each day, the body at the end

after 15 days 
$50 - $ 15000
the Deposit and accrued at the end of the period

after 25 days 
$ 70 - $ 17000
the Deposit and accrued at the end of the period

do not forget to register wallets in the "payment Details"

Payment Systems!

PM , bitcoin ,
Payeer, Ethereum

Payment Regulations!

manual payments, up to 24 hours.



Referral program!!!

3% - 0.7% - 0.2% Affiliate program 
5%-1.2% -0.5% Executive program

Output Minimum!



contact form, phone:+31 70 710 5182 

NS1.COVER-DNS.NET (has 208 domains)
NS2.COVER-DNS.NET (has 208 domains)
Created on 2018-12-09
Expires 2019-12-09
Updated 2018-12-09
Licensed H-Script
[Image: 468en.gif]

Quote:Date : 01/13/2019 12:58
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 242591177
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 168
Payment ID : 168
Hash : c29e837188a2794b35f82b8033c650d4

Date : 01/13/2019 17:32
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : 3.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 242615434
Memo : API Payment. Invoice 171
Hash : 2d609fecbe4dbae429ec15fdd7f45b8c

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  Dominat.company - active insurance - 1400$
Posted by: admin - 01-13-2019, 05:44 PM - Forum: INSURANCE - No Replies

Dominat.company has purchased Premium listing on 13/Jan. The insurance is active for 20 days in full = 1400$ Payeer. Then 50% will be active for another 20 days. Maximal coverage: 100$/0.028BTC per investor this time.

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  Coin Extender - coinextender.com
Posted by: smarthyips.com - 01-04-2019, 08:17 PM - Forum: Outside HYIPs - Replies (13)


Coin Extender Group is involved in mining cryptocurrency by means of modern, up-to-date equipment. We mine the most profitable coins overtime. Now, we intend to extend our farm by offering partnership to willing investors and sharing the outcome with them. To collect shares and distribute the profit, we have chosen Dogecoin, as it has a more stable exchange rate, as well as least Blockchain service fees.

Investment Plans:
1) 1.45% daily for 90 days, ROI 130.50%, 1,000 DOGE
2) 1.49% daily for 90 days, ROI 134.10%, 5,000 DOGE
3) 1.53% daily for 90 days, ROI 137.70%, 10,000 DOGE
4) 1.57% daily for 90 days, ROI 141.30%, 25,000 DOGE
5) 1.61% daily for 90 days, ROI 144.90%, 50,000 DOGE
6) 1.65% daily for 90 days, ROI 148.50%, 100,000 DOGE
7) 1.69% daily for 90 days, ROI 152.10%, 500,000 DOGE
8) 1.73% daily for 90 days, ROI 155.70%, 1,000,000 DOGE
9) 1.77% daily for 90 days, ROI 159.30%, 2,000,000 DOGE

Accepted e-wallets:

Type of withdrawals:

Referral system:
1~5% dependent to your activated package

My Active Investment:
50,000 DOGE
Jan. 03, 2019

[Image: ce468.gif]

Join with my link: https://coinextender.com/ref/83749

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  Luminex - collecting requests
Posted by: admin - 01-01-2019, 01:03 PM - Forum: INSURANCE - No Replies

Luminex  has purchased Premium listing on 1/Jan. The insurance is active for 30 days (0.37628BTC), then 50% will be still active (0.18814) for another 30 days.
Coverage per investor: 150$ (0.04BTC)

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  Tophats.farm - active insurance 1500$
Posted by: admin - 12-30-2018, 09:37 AM - Forum: INSURANCE - No Replies

Tophats Farms has been upgraded from Normal to Premium section on 30/Dec.  The insurance will be active for 20 days (0.381286BTC). Then 50% of this amount will be still active for another 20 days (0.190643). The insurance is limited to 0.026BTC per investor (100$).

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  Blueskyinvest - shared insurance - 100%
Posted by: admin - 12-25-2018, 10:30 PM - Forum: INSURANCE - Replies (2)

BlueSky has purchased Premium listing on 25/Dec. The full insurance is active in first 20 days, then 50% remains active for another 20 days.
Source: 0.3761BTC
Note, the max coverage per investor is just: 0.02686 (100$) this time!

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  Contract-miner - Mining Game _ Free 500 Mh/s
Posted by: honeybtc - 12-18-2018, 09:10 PM - Forum: Non HYIP projects - No Replies

[Image: 728x90-2.gif]

About Contract Miner

Contract Miner is a Crypto based mining game. Complete Paid Contracts to start off, rent your first property and start buying miners to take part in 'Auto-Miner' tasks. This is where you run your own miners for extra profit.

I'm now, how do I begin?

As a new member this will look confusing, but you will soon come to understand it. As a rookie you will only be able to start with a Tier 1 'Paid Contract'. Once you progress through your levels you will unlock higher tiers and get access to the 'Auto-Miners' feature.

More about this in the Game section.

What is Contract-Miner?

Contract-Miner is a Text based Crypto Browser Game. Create Crypto Contracts and run your own virtual miners.


What coins can I earn?

Right now it's just Bitcoin (BTC) - DOGE and LTC will be re-enabled again in the future.

"Reward less than 0"?

This means that you do not have enough hash to contract for a reward of value.

What are Paid Contracts?

The first Paid Contract is free. As you unlocked higher tiers you can invest a small amount which will give you a higher payout in return.

What are Auto-Miners?

Auto-Miners are where you can run your miners for a set timed contracts and get paid for it.

Why do my earnings change?

Earnings are dynamic. So, Bitcoin goes up, contracts go down and vice versa.

Do I need to deposit?

No! You don't need to deposit anything. The game is built so you can simply play and earn for free.


Right now we only allow the withdrawals made by FAUCETHUB REGISTER LINK

Minimum Withdrawal amount is 10 Satoshi.


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Posted by: Aresbackbull - 12-07-2018, 12:11 PM - Forum: BTC only projects - Replies (4)

All links for images are from trusted  and popular platform imgur.com

YourSmartProfit is online more than 2 years check out their domain info here.

Even dough this program is based on PTC-Matrix advertising platform they offer Trading Pro package(HYIP).

This programs offers only long term plan

35% for 12 months with principal included. Overall, after 12 months investors get 420% ROI.

That means that investors are in profit after 3 months .

Investment plans

  • 25$ → 10$ per month for 12 months, ROI 420% after a year

  • 250$ → 100$ per month for 12 months, ROI 420% after one year

Before members can purchase packages they have to purchase Membership which is 3$.

Maybe this is not important for majority of HIYP “players” but with every purchased package member gets a position in one of theirs matrices. It is called matrix 5 or matrix 50 iit depends which package you have bought and after it is cycled you get 5$ or 50$ it depends which package you have purchased. This is not important but it is nice.

Membership as well gives you a position in matrix, like I said it is not important but is nice.

I have included all expenses when I said that ROI is 35% per month (withdrawal fees around 2%-3% + repurchase balanse 10% are deducted, so  around35% is pure cash >>> if someone wants to calculate more accurate ROI  it can because I have provided in this thread  my monthly withdrawals)

Technical part

Admin uses Proxscript licensed script (SSL certificate, SiteLock and Code Guard) 

They are very active on Facebook.

The fastest support is in their Facebook group, so If you any questions, you should ask their. They approve all post and “tricky” question, only SPAMMERS are blocked.

Payment Systems

Investors can only deposit/ purchase trading packages via Bitcoin (Coinpayments)

Check out their rating on Coinpayments, click here

You can follow their live cash outs on their website , click here.

My deposit is 510$ check out the proof of payment.

Proof from Coinpayments, click here

Proof from YourSmartProfit that they recieved my payment, click here

Like you can see in proofs, I have deposited 29th Sptember 2018 and I had 2 payouts.

Withdrawal rules

Members can withdraw their earnings after 30 days and 2 hours from their time of deposit, so you can expect from me every 30th day of month proof of payment.

Type of withdrawals: Manual.

Waiting period: No more than one day but official statement is 48h >> I never waited more than 12h

Proof from site, click here

Email proof:
a) click here
b) click here

BTC wallet proof:                    "All links for images are from trusted  and popular platform imgur.com"
a) click here
b) click here

You noticed a significant difference between two recieved payments First one is when BTC was higher and the second one is when BTC significantly  dropped.
 This is a great way to accumulate more BTC while it is dropping and when it starts to raise again we all will earn even more if we keep it.

Referral commission

Referral commission is 5 level deep but through matrix matching bonuses ---> nothing interesting for HYIP community.

If you have questions, concerns regarding this program, do not hesitate to ask.

Clear link: https://yoursmartprofit.com/
Here is my referral link  https://yoursmartprofit.com/ref/Fun2play

Thank you for reading


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  PROBLEM - Elirtex - elirtex.com
Posted by: admin - 12-04-2018, 02:40 PM - Forum: SCAM/closed projects - Replies (2)

The Elirtex online platform is an investment service owned by Elirtex Limited. The headquarters of the financial conglomerate is in the United Kingdom and acts as asset manager through the management of several investment fund portfolios. The target market of the company are institutional, corporate and private investors with any amount of capital. Customers are served by our specialists in synergy with the analysts of the company in London and a new branch in Hong Kong dedicated to serving large investors. Elirtex Limited finances only promising projects with innovative ideas. The company carefully examines each candidate to meet our criteria in order to guarantee the prospect of maximum income for each investor. We guarantee our clients the security of their funds giving priority to the quality of operations and their profitability instead of the number of projects. Elirtex Limited adequately manages the capital and protects it against any risk, due to a fully balanced investment portfolio.

Investment plans:
1) 2.6% daily for 12 weeks (1% on weekends), ROI: 180%
2) Beta After plan - 200% ROI in 11weeks - visible just at 2nd step

Accepted e-wallets: 
BTC, LTC, ETH, Doge, PM (added one by one)

Type of withdrawals:
manual, max 5 business days!?
withdrawal limits: 0.002 BTC, 0.02 ETH, 0.1 LTC, no info about the rest currencies
no wd fee

Referral system: 
ALPHA DAY Remuneration: for all: 10% -2%; for representatives: 12% -2% -1%.
BETA AFTER. Remuneration: for all: 12% - 2%; for representatives: 14% - 3% -1%.

Active investment:
Your deposit: 0.028
Term of deposit:9 of 84
Date of creation:24/11/2018 20:38:14

[Image: main_728_h_eng.gif]

Clear link: https://elirtex.com/  
Join with my referral link: https://elirtex.com/?ref=el450103

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  Launching Ceremony for mit messenger and Boxcorn
Posted by: Ryland - 12-02-2018, 04:12 PM - Forum: Trade cryptocurrency - No Replies

KMS Global (CEO KJ Kim) will hold a launch ceremony for the International Crypto Exchange ‘Boxcorn’ and ‘mit messenger’ inviting 300 VIP people such as Senator Pacquiao, SAP “Bong”Go, HIV TV Chairman Rey Langit at the Conrad Hotel in Manila, Philippines on December 4th.

Boxcorn is expected to simplify the remittance of foreign workers from Filipinos, which are known to be more than 15 million people. In addition to expanding off-line exchanges and transactions in foreign exchange transactions to deal with casinos, which are comparable to those in Macau, Stargram Coin (SGC) has recently been selected as the key currency.

mit messenger, which means 'together' in German, plans to create a blockchain ecosystem through messenger launches in the Philippines, the world's largest SNS country.

Representative KJ Kim expressed his intention on the launch ceremony, saying, "We will build a growth engine by constructing a structure in which blockchain platforms based on the Philippines-based boxcorn and mit messenger will grow together through mutual growth."

For participating in the launch ceremony of Boxcorn and mit messenger, please visit the homepage below and apply for participation.


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